The companies listed below are:

Examples of a wide varying sector of banks, credit unions, and business associations that have used, and continue to use, our services.


Repeat customers have always been the backbone of our business. Thank you to you all for more than a decade of support here at Gateway Appraisal & Consulting Group Inc.


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Accredited Home Lenders Canada
AK Mortgage Plus
All Mortgages Financial Inc.
Alpha Mortgage House Corp.
Alpine Credits
Ambro & Associates
Antrim Investments
Apek Mortgages
Avco Financial Services
Axis Mortgage Corp.
Ayyaz Mortgage Alliance
Bank of Montreal
Bank of Nova Scotia
Canada's Best Mortgage
CIBC Option Mortgages
CIBC Trust
Citi Financial
Citizens Bank
Citizens Trust
City Wide Financial Corp.
Cove Mortgage
Creative Mortgage
Dominion Lending
Elder Mortgage Corp.
FirstLine Mortgages
First Line Trust
First National Financial Corp.
Fraser Valley Credit Union
Garibaldi Mortgage
G&F Financial Group
Gulf and Fraser Credit Union
HSBC Finance Mortgages Inc.
Home Loans Canada
Home N Work Mortgages
Home Trust
Household Finance
Household Realty Corp.
Invis Financial
Kelleway Mortgage Architects
Korea Exchange Bank
Lloyds Far East (BVI) Limited

Maple Trust
Meridian Financial Services Ltd.
Merix Financial
Mortgage Alliance
Mortgage Architects
Mortgage Group
Mortgage Intelligence
Mortgage Solutions

North Shore Credit Union
Northern Savings Credit Union
Nova Financial Services
One Stop Mortgage
Optimum Mortgage
Origin Home Financial Partners
Peet & Cowan Financial Services
Peoples Trust
Pioneer West Acceptance
Pipeline Mortgage
REMCO Financial Services
Resmor Trust
Ronin Mortgage
Royal Bank of Canada
Royal Trust
Scotia Express
Spectrum Canada Mortgage Services
Strategic Mortgage
Street Smart Investing Ltd.
Sun Life
Sun Life Trust
Surrey Metro Savings
Sutton Mortgage
Synergy Mortgage
TD Canada Trust
Toronto Dominion Bank
Tudor Mortgage Corp.
U-Select Mortgage Services
Universal Mortgage Architects
VanCity Savings & Credit Union
Verico Financial Services Inc.
VWR Capital Corp.
Wallace Mortgages
Wells Fargo Financial corporation